Hockey Fight Gear

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Once upon a time sports had a code, and hockey was no different. If you wanted to take a run at one of the team's best players you, or one of your teammates was going to have to pay the price. What we are looking to do here is bring you back to some of the great.

Let’s get started with one of the best of my time. If you wanted to make a run at  Steve Yzerman, Sergei Federov, Nic Lidstrom, and others, you were going to have to deal with Bob Probert. Probert played for 1985-2002 with the Red Wings and Blackhawks, and unfortunately passed in 2010. If you love hockey fights, then you already know Probert well. Probert fought 232 times in his NHL career with 13 of those tilts coming against Stu Grimson. Enjoy the video below,

If there was one word to describe Tie Domi, it is fearless. Listed at just 5’8, Domi wasn’t afraid to fight any of the NHL heavyweights of his time, who often had at least 3-4 inches on him, and 20-30 pounds. Domi played from 1989-2006 with three different NHL teams. Domi fought 270 times in his NHL career, with Rob Ray as the player he fought most often(13 times). Enjoy this fight with Donald Brasher who was seven inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than Domi.

If you watched hockey in the late 90’s and the early 2000’s then you remember George Laroque’s big smile. You likely also remember many of his fights. Laroque was very much in the mold of NHL tough guy of that era. George registered in at six foot, three inches, and 270 pounds. Laroque had 131 fights in his 13 year NHL career. His most common opponent was Matt Johnson during those years. Enjoy this Laroque tilt.

Marty McSorely was known for being Wayne Gretzky’s body guard, particularly in Wayne’s days in Los Angeles. McSorely fought 212 times in his 17 NHL seasons with seven of those fights coming against Tim Hunter, and 93 of those fights coming in a Kings uniform. McSorely being a player who came in during the 80’s wasn’t a massive guy, he was just six foot one inches tall, and 190 pounds. Enjoy one of those fights against Hunter.

Last but not least today is Chris Neil. Another bigger player, at six foot one, 210 pounds. Neil has 176 fights, all of which came in an Ottawa Senators uniform. One would have expected the most fights would have come against Toronto, but he actually had more fights against Boston, with five fights against Shawn Thornton.  Enjoy this one as Neil and Thornton square off.